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Lovely black filly, correct and tall, with 68 % purebred arabian blood. Sire homozygot black arabian stallion- proven endurance lines such as Wagram****, Palas****, Probat*** and more. Angloarabs by Salix* compete in international endurance races 120 km ! Dam from eventing jumping lines with Huzar AA, Jalienny AA , Emetyt etc.Bibi is very easy going and brave filly , with increadible  elastic movements. Perfect horse for future endurance, eventing or forest rides .Final estimate height 163 cm.More infos on WhatsApp + 48 513 179 245 or email


Отец Salix
Отец отца Oset
о.о.о. Alegro
Мать отца Sawina
о.м.о. Wagram****
Мать Berberyssa
Отец матери Huzar AA
о.о.м. Jalienny AA
Мать матери Belisa
о.м.м. Emetyt