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Small Tour Dressage Horse For Sale : Everlasting


Are you looking for a very sweet and brave small tour dressage horse ?  This amazing horse is bomb proof and sweeter than sweet!


Name: Everlasting

Breed: KWPN Dutch Warmblood

Year of Birth: 2009

Sire: Oscar

Dam Sire: Ronaldo

Height: 1.72m

Gender: Mare (Star)

Price: €45.000,-

The KWPN mare ‘’Everlasting’’ is a elegant beautiful brown 11-year old mare (Star) with three good gaits with a very good big walk and a amazing sweet character.

She has a lot of show experience , Everlasting has been competed with her owner in the Dutch national classes until the ZZ-Z. She is now trained on small tour level.

Everlasting is very easy to handle and very sweet with riding. She has no problem with travelling and she is very easy and brave on the horse truck , also very easy in the paddock , horse walker , aquatrainer , farrier and clipping actually with everything !

Everlasting has a perfect character which makes her very interesting for a schoolmaster for a Amateur rider or a Children or Junior and also for a Para Dressage rider.


*Everlasting could also be very interesting to use in breeding


  • -Clinically and X-rays approved  , Re-inspection is allowed

  • -Horse Located in The Netherlands

  • - no stable defects


    Are you interested in this horse or do you want more information , please mail to Mercedeshoeve@outlook.com


Отец Oscar
PSG/Inter I
Отец отца Wolfgang
о.о.о. Farn
м.о.о. Jolanda
Мать отца Berania
Ster , Prestatie , Preferent
о.м.о. Nabuur
1.30m / Z1 Dressuur
м.м.о. Merania
Мать Vivid
Отец матери Ronaldo
PSG/Inter I
о.о.м. Rubinstein
м.о.м Carella
Мать матери Holiday
Keur (EPTM Springen/Dressuur)
о.м.м. Rex Magna xx
м.м.м. D'Acteur